Every generation has its role models. The ADGKAi – innovation is tradition at JDM.



Principles of evolution don’t just apply to nature. Because intelligent prescription management is important everywhere in the pharmacy, ADGRAYCE B was developed. It transports the intelligent genes of ADGKAi and ADGRAYCE T to the back office. In addition, does away with everything that is redundant.


What with?
Smila is revolutionising the European healthcare market.



Very small in size – great in market significance: Our engineers and purchasers are at home at the most important trade fairs worldwide. This enables us to incorporate future trends, for example in microprocessor technology, mechatronics or cloud-based computing, into new and further developments. But if the global market does not provide a functional solution, as is the case with our prescription printer with integrated prescription scanner, we simply develop the solution ourselves.



Problems are foreign to us – challenges at the most: Because a prescription subsidised by the health insurance company can be just as important to the pharmacy as a large amount of cash, the precision and consistency of the prescription imprint is crucial. But because the market did not offer a convincing solution, our engineers and technicians developed their own ink cartridge including firmware that meets these requirements.