Welcome to JDM GmbH: We have been developing solutions that move the market for over 35 years: from the fields of microprocessor technology, systems development and mechatronics. With more than 60 employees, and quite deliberately, in the Swabian town of Murr. Our motto is “Innovative Minds”.  Throughout our history, two traits have contributed more than any other to our success: Swabian ingenuity combined with passion. The result: innovations that move the healthcare market.  In 2019, we received the Top 100 Award as Top Innovator of the Year for the second time.

We are certified
according to ISO 13485:2016.


Imagination, creativity and sound knowledge – made in Murr: You don't have to work in Silicon Valley to develop groundbreaking solutions. At JDM, engineers, technicians and experts from different disciplines work together on extremely short routes and develop solutions that do not follow trends, but rather set them. In the current management this is called “agile company”. We simply call it “JDM”.


We develop products with brains.


We develop in-house. Many manufacturer do not even touch their products. We, on the other hand, find the concept of working on the optimal solution just right. After all, high product quality and devices that function reliably over the entire product life cycle are the basis for our success. This is why everyone in the company is actively involved and communicates directly.


One idea can go in many directions. We find the right one for a successful solution.



The philosophy of JDM is to think things through in detail.


Product development:
When it comes to production and rationalisation, we go our own ways – the shorter ones. Because JDM production, development and service are literally next door to each other, suggestions for improvement are incorporated into the design without long roundabout ways. This also has a positive effect on the identification of our employees: Thinking along does not stop at the office doors or with working hours.

Our understanding of quality:
At JDM, we build several thousand POS systems per year.This goes hand in hand with our vision of usability and quality. For example, the screen of our cash register display can be swivelled around several axes so that every pharmacy employee can adjust it individually and still maintain eye contact with the customer. This mechanism is tested harder than in a well-known furniture store to ensure that it will last a pharmacy POS lifetime.

Clock speeds are important. Like when rowing. In the pharmacy, however, in addition to processor speed, the highest possible system availability is important. That’s why our legendary POS system is built from the only really important perspective: that of the customer.
This system has a modular structure so that the pharmacist can use the system again as quickly as possible in the rare event of a defect. On site, the technician simply replaces the module in question and off you go.


1992  POS system SOLUTA, first POS system with integrated prescription printer
1995  POS system K3000
2001  POS system K3000/II
2006  POS system K3000 plus with in-house-developed prescription printer RD4500
2009  POS system K4000V with prescription printer RD6
2011  Further development of prescription printer with integrated camera RD6-S
2012  Backoffice system R4000 E
2014  POS system ADGRAYCE T with printer-scanner solution RD7
2015  Back office system ADGRAYCE B with RD7
2019  Smart Medication Solution Smila
2020  POS system ADGKAi